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The advance has stalled.

I'm still sheltering behind this rock. I think the idiots above are being targetted by the idiot with the torch who I suspect is thinking its a little too dangerous to give me more work today.

Basically - today was a write off. I got some work done, but nothing substantial. Between students running their research, and the afternoon are students doing authorware projects in the lab (yes, there is a lecturer here but there still is stuff I have to deal with).

I really should give up on Wednesday's and plan to do 'little' jobs. Nothing substantial, just nothing big and requiring large amounts of concentration - because I won't get the time.

Luckily - Wednesday eveningn is badminton evening. I can take some of the frustration out on the court. I'm not violent, but I do have some quite vicious shots in my armoury I tend to be a more tactical player (coupled with a large mad streak).

So, now all my anger is mostly gone and I'm back to my normal annoying self. I hope that I can break cover tomorrow and find another solid rock - this one I'm using is looking a little battered from the constant fire.

I don't know who's firing at me, but they ain't British trained. Their markmanship is awful and they are wasting a lot of ammo. A British trained unit would use less ammo, but it would be way more accurate. A single aimed shot is better than 1000 unaimed ones.

Maybe I can use one of my cardboard cutouts that are so good at keeping [info]babyghia busy.
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