madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

I like this rock

I'm still sheltering behind this rock - I didn't make any headway yesterday - but, I didn't lose any ground either.

I still have some idiots shooting at me, but they can't aim well - just seem to be using more firepower. I think they got annoyed when the idiot with the torch decided it was safe to pass me even more work while they were shooting.

I have a fun day to look forward to - 2 meetings, one this afternoon is a long and boring one. The one this morning shouldn't last too long, but will enable me to tick a task off my seemingly endless list.

I may start firing back at this lot. Nah, not yet - I'll just make another cuppa tea instead. Hmmm, shall I have Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Eearl Grey or Lady Grey tea........

These are really tough decisions - tougher ones are still ahead of me though
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