madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Earthquake?? What earthquake

Apparently there was an earthquake last night around 1am GMT. I didn't feel it - I went asleep a bit before and as I was really tired (music rehersal is very tiring). As expected some people are just carrying on and others seem to thing the world is about to end. There has been some damage - not huge amounts and there are a few minor injuries.

The quake was a 5.2 - which on the scale of things is quite small. For the UK its got the seimology scientists happy. To put it into perspective that last quake that was bigger occured in 1984, which measured 5.4. I vaguely remember that one but the last one I remember was in 2002.

BBC Story

I expect the media (especially the 'tabloid' type media) to be doing the 'world is ending' type stories. I'm keeping to the BBC stories - they'll give it a lot of coverage but at least its balanced.
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