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Still stuck behind the same rock

I'm still holding my ground - although that doesn't sound good, it actually is.

I'm not losing ground at work. Although I'm not advancing, I'm not retreating. That is better than I have been doing. Now I'm holding ground, I can plan on advancing.

These idiots are shooting still, but I think I can get past them. I finally finished the first dataset system yesterday. I only had to slightly adjust one part today - which is a lot better than I expected. They usually need tweaking, but both myself and the lecturer are used to creating this stuff then we are coming back with quicker results. Only two more dataset system setups to go.

It'll be tough to keep ahead next week, I'm providing tech support for a conference on Thursday and Friday next week so thats two days gone, take the 'interupted' Monday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon and thats most of the week gone.

Ah well, thats next week. I have a weekend to forget about next week. A few hours log file work and a few bits and pieces to deal with - but hopefully I should get some 'downtime'. If not I think some of my beer supply will disappear. That bottle of vodka is mighty tempting - for emergency use only (honestly).........
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