madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

The weekend approaches, 2nd day of the cricket

I found out today that my eldest niece has the grades she needs for what is termed 'sixth form'. Basically, school leaving age is 16 - then, if you a) want to and b) have the grades, you can go to a 'sixth form'. The 'old' way of terming years in secondary school was 1 to 5. 1 was the first year, 5 the last, so sixth form was easy to follow. Now the 'year' is termed by taking in primary school. So the final year is '11' (one thing to note was I went straight from the '4th' year to the '11th' year as thats when the systems were changed). She's really pleased as she got high mark in one subject that she was finding hard.

Its the second day of the cricket test match today (England V Austrailia 4th Test) and its being held down the road to me in Nottingham. I'm happy to say that England are well placed to go for a win. Although there are up to 3 more days to go and anything could happen. Thats been on the radio most of the day (Radio 4 LW), its worth noting that the commentary is available to the whole world via the BBC Sports Website.

Also I went to the cinema with two of my sisters, mother and a niece and nephew to see 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. I liked the film, but they have the sound on way too loud for me - I have a slight headache now, but thats not unexpected. I definatly want to see the Wallace and Grommit film. If its half as good as the short films they released to tv then its worth seeing.

Whats my plans for the weekend - more listening to cricket I expect. Maybe some gardening if my bad wrist/hand can take it - the garden is in dire need of some attention.
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