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Oh gods - its only Monday

I can't believe how tired I am. The day was tough - important visit by the BPS about accrediting the 'online degree' - critically important to the 'marketability' of the degree. Problem is that its the first online degree they've been asked to accredit so they don't really know what fully to do themselves.

The first hour I spent rushing around cleaning labs up and making everything look 'interesting'. That and a couple of other things took out most of the morning. We all had to attend a 'Team Session' where all I did was say who I was and what my role was. I did make a couple of good contacts with people within a different department in the university and I'm hopeful that some good stuff can come up because of it.

The normal Monday afternoon routine then appeared - lab full with a seminar most of the afternoon, tiring and no useful to getting any jobs completed. Later some went to a nearby pub for a 'relax' session post visit. I made an appearance later because I was too tired to do anything else. Afterwards it was shopping..... I'm not overfond of shopping but its easily done at that time. I just wish I wasn't so tired.

Ah well, playing conference techie Thursday and Friday and supposedly teaching a trainee technician on 'conference stuff' (as if I know - I just make it up as I go along). Should be fun but means earlier days and finishing late. Oh, I still don't know the layout of the conference (single sessions, multiple sessions, number of people etc etc etc).

Oh well, looks like another make it up on the fly (as usual).

I want to find a pint glass, several bottles of best bitter and a hole to hide in. I am not because I need to get to work tomorrow. But its way too tempting and that bottle of vodka looks even more tempting. That could be a worrying thought though.
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