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Technical Madman
February 7th, 2006 
I mean't to post something about this on Sunday, but something more important occured.

Last week was one of my sisters 40th birthday. She wanted to go on a 'murder mystery weekend' and I, my parents, two other of my sisters and a couple of my sisters friends. So, we all met (one only just making it in time) to meet the coach in Derby and then a drive to Harrogate (via Sheffield) to book into the hotel. We got some time free in the afternoon to look around Harrogate which is a Spa Town. My sisters and their friends went shopping and myself and my parents went for a walk (we're not too hot on just shopping and liked to see the town). We had 4 rooms - 2 in each. I was with my dad, my mother was with one of my sisters and my other sisters were each with their friend. It worked out quite well, the rooms were decent enought but the floor boards creaked a lot.

There was a step up just past the door to the room I was in and I constantly was tripping up on it - which caused a fair amount of laughter.

In the evening it was dinner and we met a few other people (the cast) and found out there was a murder (big surprise). All the 'suspects' visited each table in turn and we had the chance to grill them. My sisters and mother were more intoxicated so this made the task harder. Although fun, it was rather annoying as a we were suposed to be working out who the murderer was, I was rather annoyed at times, but thats life.

Some of the 'suspects' even managed to stay up in the foyer with us as we carried on drinking steadily (my dad had retreated to the room). My mother 'slapped' (in jest) one of the suspects (note: keep out of range of my mother when she's had alcohol). We all staggered to our respective rooms and all made it to breakfast the next day.

The next day we all met in one of the conference type rooms to finish the mystery up. I had worked out the murderer, but not all the details. When we were getting ready to go I was talking to some of the cast, the one who had fallen foul of my mother mentioned her 'left hook'. I replied that she was lucky, the right hook is worse - which got a laugh. They were all good and nice to talk to - although I suspect they kept a good distance from my mother.

After we left it was off to York where again we split into the 'shopping' and 'sightseeing' groups. Myself and my parents walked along the Roman wall and found some enjoyable places - I must go back for a longer visit, we only had 3 hours. Finally, it was a ride back to Derby. My parents and one of my sisters found a taxi, I had spotted a bus I could catch waiting at a stop and used that. The rest got boyfriends/husbands to pick them up.

A decent weekend, and a nice change.
10:09 pm - Crying Quiz
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