August 24th, 2006

What to do.....

Off to my parents today (for a bit anyway), ones of my BIL is visiting them with the kids. One of which is a small redheaded bullet who has endless energy (and a voice to match). I think I'm invited so they have more targets.

I suspect I'll be a little more worse for wear than usual but thats nothing new. Oh well, its better than working on stuff for work I think.

Bit of walking

Well - it was a 'fun' day. As suspected my neice and nephew were their usual 'active' selves. A walk to a fast food place and then gave them a choice of which park to go to. There are several parks nearby but the two we were within easy distance were was Alvaston Park or Chaddesden Park. We ended up as Chaddesden Park because it has the 'castle' (built in the kids play area). It worked out pretty well as we all stood on the small hill nearby and watched them run around playing without expending much (if any) energy.

After a walk home they terrorised the dog for a while (who looked quite tired afterwards). It was a pretty good time and I got a decent walk - I also discovered that my ankle needs some more strengthing before I try some major walking.

Tomorrow.... Well, mum and the dog are coming over and (if the weather is good) we'll go to Youlgraeave and walk along Barton Dale, if I remember to take any pictures I may post some. Its a lovely place and not a massive distance in the car.

Should be a decent day out and should also tire me out a bit more. If so it should slow my brain down a little and allow me to sort some of the mess in it out.
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