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Technical Madman
November 14th, 2006 
05:57 pm - Missing Music
I've decided to skip music practice tonight. I don't really want to go tonight as my head is bursting and having to deal with more people tonight (and not strangling a few for various reasons). We haven't a concert soon and I'm also bone tired as well. Dealing with people is hard for me (why the heck am I working in a university) and having to process multiple conversations and (sometimes) stopping some idiotic 'discussions' about a minor problem which can be solved with common sense;-) Not to mention trying to place music on a flute which isn't mean't to be played on a flute (guess who's dragging some of the violins into time again).

We really need a few more players who will take responsibility and play - tradionally the orchestra 'leader' is a violinist who takes a lot of responsibity - we haven't got someone in the violins who will take charge and drag them into time so they are quite often all over the place. To 'cover' this problem others of the group are usually given different music to 'assist' (but woe betide someone if they hint that the violin players can't stay in time.....). Unfortunatly I'm one of these 'firefighters' and although its interesting it is very tiring and demanding.

So, I think I will go home in a bit and try and relax a bit. Although the latter is probably a lost cause I will at least get some time to recover the scattered parts of my head.
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