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Technical Madman
February 2nd, 2008 
I've made it back from Badminton - another night done and seemingly so far no problems. Quite a few turned up tonight so I didn't get as many games, but enough not to be bored.

On the way home from the after game 'social' (ie we go to the pub afterwards) its started to snow. It seems to be settling and I doubt it'll last long or be too deep but tomorrow people will not drive 'to the conditipons' and all hell will break loose. Some things will go to a standstill (some people panic and think the world is ending).

For me, I don't need to go out this weekend and shall be staying in cleaning/resting/watching DVD's etc etc etc as well as the Six Nations games too.

Oh well, soon time for bed - I can sleep in tomorrow (uh today now).
Spotted http://www.xkcd.com/378/ on xkcd. I had to smile at it - I've used emacs/vim/ed and cat. Although, personally I still prefer to use 'vi'...

Yeah - I need to get out more I think.
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