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Someone is having a laugh at me

The day of annoyances.

Ever noticed that some days nothing is ever simple. It started off well, a student wanted to use my online questionnaire system to run his study - but I needed to show him how to use it. Easy enough, I wrote it for 'ease of use'. I admit the system is 'clunky' but it works and now people have used it I know whats needed when I revisit it at a future date. No problems AT ALL.

Then it started to go downhill, every job, simple or complicated, turned into a fight. Even copying data between two PC's (new PC for member of staff). The computers wouldn't connect directly to each other, so its a copy to the server and back down - only a 4 hour job instead of two because the network is so bad. Even trying to create the database for my dataset system took longer than expected and still isn't complete.

I have tomorrow at work, I'll lose part of the morning to a meeting, most of the afternoon because of the stuff happening in the computer lab. Thursday and Friday I'm playing conference techie so I've lost most of this week. I need to clone myself, the clone can do the 'little jobs' while I do the other stuff. Actually that'll be a bad idea, I move so quickly around the site, I'd probably run into myself - I tend to move at a very fast walk and shocked people with the speed I can get to areas to sort problems out.

Anyway two of me is enough to frighten anybody. People have enough trouble understanding a single me and two would scare most people away (hell, I can do that by myself without trying).

It was music tonight, currently we are missing people due to health problems, another is off soon as they are having an operation. Couple my with a dodgy hand then we are having a few gaps. We usually have a concert in February and we should be back up to strength by then, but it'll be tough for a bit. An example is when we played Vaughan Williams - English Folk Songs. We play 2 out of the 3, and I must admit, I enjoy these ones. We are missing out first clarinet player (one of the aforementioned missing people) and the second cannot play the music - thats understandable, its a tough piece.

So, I'm going to attempt to play the clarinet part with my clarinet. Although it'll put a lot of pressure on my wrist, I believe that with only this piece and the neck strap (its from a coranglais but it works well enough) I should manage with only a little discomfort and I should be okay. We'll see next week. I must admit, I will enjoy it as I really miss playing my clarinet for hours at a time.

Time will tell, I'll see what happens next week and go from there.
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