madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Cricket Fun

Yes, I know. The cricket season has started here in earnest. Today is the second day of the first test of England V New Zealand. I've been listening to the radio commentary, and as cricket can take a while to play (a 'test' can take up to 5 days and still be a draw) there is a lot of conversation between the commentators and summarisers can be quite interesting and funny.

Of course you do get a few unexpected laughs. Today was a good one but you do need to understand what a Double Entendre is.

The bit of commentary is within this BBC blog post (the BBC now embed so I cannot directly link).

Still - its not beaten the famous leg over incident.

Oh well, only 3 days of the game left - weather is not looking good for it. Shame really - we had some lovely weather last weekend and this weekend isn't looking great. The famous British weather, unpredictable at best.
Tags: cricket
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