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Conference - Day 1

One thing that I'll never understand with the admin people who organise the conference - Why on earth don't they ask me about technical stuff? I've only played techie for the other conferences and I never yet have been asked for suggestions about whats neede. I don't even what talks there are, workshops etc until I arrive.

The annoying thing this time is that they decided to record the presentations. One person bought along a cassette recorder and active microphone. If they had even me then I could have used equipment I have access to to record straight onto computer. Now, I will have a stack of cassettes which I'll have to digitise and convert to mp3 - which although easy, will take hours, instead of the minutes I would have needed.

Other than that it went fairly well, a few problems but nothing that was unexpected. As usual the people had gotten laptops and not got the passwords to log on to them so we had some fun there. This year I had some help as if my wrist had taken a bad turn (it almost did).

Another days worth of this tomorrow. What fun. At least this year the chair of one of the sessions is putting the suggestion forward to 'liase with technical staff on technical issues'. I've mentioned this every time, but hopefully something might happen for next year.

Then again, knowing some of the people, I doubt it.
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