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Cricket Fun

Its funny at times listening to Cricket coverage on the radio (or internet). The presenters are always fun and you get some hilarious lines.

As they have to be careful what they say sometimes you get some things to smile about.

For example - from todays coverage which I took from the text commentary (1 day England V South Africa at Trent Bridge)

Ntini gets one to nip back at Bell and strike the batsman slap bang in the orchestras. As Dougie Brown points out on TMS, "no amount of stretching can alleviate the pain when it hits you there..."

to translate - the bowler bowled a ball which moved back towards the batsman (which is good for the bowler) and it managed to hit the batsman (Ian Bell) in a sensitive area. Now there is some protection - but its still painful.

Cricket is 'seen' as boring which at times it can be but it also has a lot of things happening even when it doesn't seem to be happening.

For more gems there is always the infamous Leg Over incident to laugh at the clip in this TMS Blog Entry

Okay - I'm rambling and really should write a proper entry one of these days. Off home very soon from work but England are well on top as they only need 26 more to win as South Africa were bowled out for a very poor 83 (you should expect 220 at the very least for a one day game).
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