madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Academics annoyances

One of these days I'll do a real post - not really had anything much to say, although an email from an academic.

Email from an academic

I think the Forum isn't displaying at all in IE version 8. It may be my local set up but I think this has been the case across two machines now.

Okay - which damn forum is he on about. We have 2 forums (running different versions of the same software). Also, I ain't going to even consider looking at something when the software being used is still in Beta.

I may be mad, but I ain't stupid. I have enough stupid things I have to waste time doing and way too much stuff to do anyway. This academic is on their own.

Okay - rant over. Time to email this academic (politely), pack up and head home. Technically I'm supposed to finish at 5.30pm and its 5.20pm but I arrived 50 minutes early so I could have left at 4.40pm.

Have fun everyone - I think I may need to have a play a mindless shoot-em-up for a bit at home.
Tags: academics
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