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Okay, conference finished - apart from almost falling asleep I was able, for the first time in 4 conferences, to actually get to lunch. Every year I'm 'tempted' with the mention of a free lunch but because I'm busy setting up for the afternoon, sorting out the stuff from the morning etc I rarely get the time to enjoy a meal. They had workshops just before lunch so luckily we (myself and my assistant) had the time to grab lunch and then dismantle the computers on the workshops and ready the main room for the afternoon.

We got to the end, and I must admit, we were both extremely tired and at times nodding off. We packed up and went. I got home and, as already mentioned, had a hot relaxing bath to ease the aches and pains that conference tech work produce.

I'm doing a favour for someone tomorrow but it isn't a hard thing and hopfully I can spend sunday relaxing. I need the rest badly. I'm thinking of taking a couple of days off work to recharge. I seriously need the time to recover but work is so busy that taking the time off could cause me even more work.

Thats life I suspose. Those goons that [info]babyghia sent are having trouble finding the torch guy. I though 'the person carrying the torch and a mass of paperwork' would be clear - I was sadly mistaken. I'll have to be more clear when they recover from their slight accident with the light buib.

If you want something doing correctly - do it yourself. Well, I work best on my own - its like the rest of my life.
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