madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Its only a game - so they say.

Talk about close finishes.

Oh yes, I'm on about the cricket AGAIN. It finished today, 1 day early. But boy was it nailbiting. Although Australia were seriously on the back foot and were eventually 'all out'. England only needed 129 runs to win - a small total, but difficult as the opporsition have nothing to lose and try everything. Which they did, in the end though, the runs were made after from the unlikely places.

It all comes down to the last match at the Oval in London in a couple of weeks. I can't describe how the 'Ashes' series are important, as well as the first chance for years the England have a good chance at winning them. I fear a heart attack, I have no finger nails left.

This took most of the day, although I had the radio commentary on, its hard to work at times. I, at least got most of the laundry ironed an put away. But I'll have to do a fair bit of work tomorrow anyway.

Last week was a week of annual leave - I don't think I even got a quarter of the stuff done I wanted to. One day lost because of the hospital, another due to unforeseen circumstances. Listening to the cricket commentary and other silly things that just appeared. I certainly don't feel 'refreshed' from it thats for sure. I almost am looking forward to going back to work.......
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