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Fire Alarm & Music

As I mentioned on twitter earlier - we had a fire alarm at work. Now, I should explain a couple of things about the fire alarms at work.

1 - I'm a fire warden, I carry a pager around with me and when an alarm goes off I pick up my fluorescent and go to either a specific exit (if I have one for that alarm) - or just find a spot and keep people from entering that particular area.

2 - Work uses a 'zone' system. The entire place doesn't evacuate if an alarm sounds. Only the area(s) concerned. With a campus as big as we have its the only answer.

So.... I was talking to the other techies after a meeting I'd had. All of a sudden all our beepers went off - most of us techies are fire wardens so we all picked up coats (if your're outside it can get damn cold) and vests. The pagers told us it was 'Richardson Hall' - which is now the Student Union Bar (oops). I haven't a 'station' for that zone so I went to the 'lower' enterance from the atrium (I was joined by one of the learning centre staff) and started the task of stopping people coming in (you would not believe the amount of people who still want to go in). All the normal questions we get - when will it be over (we don't know, listen for the all clear), is it a false alarm/drill (again, we don't know). But this time we had an extra 'problem'...

A short distance into the 'zone' are a set of toilets.... which are probably the most used within the university as they are the closest to the atrium. So, as well as the normal queries we get students who want to use the toilets... (can't you just let me through).. So, we (mostly me) got these and directed them to another set of toilets (not that far away but boy were some students bitchy). It was quite funny and myself and the other fire warden laughed (especially when I told her it was her turn to tell them next).

Anyway, the fire brigade turned up and gave the all clear (we can only get the all clear from them). I found out afterwards that my manager (who was at the exit above me) had stopped the subject manager who I deal with a lot - he wanted a pint of beer and wasn't allowed near the bar. I wonder how many students had that problem....

Well, thats it - nothing much but was quite funny due to where the alarm was. I need to post something about the poll I made, the results were interesting but in once place annoyingly tied (1st question).
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