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Meme time

Planet meme from a few - first spotted at zola's livejournal

Your result for What Planet are You From? Test...

You are from Saturn!

33% Saturn

Did you know you were from Saturn all along? I bet you did.

Saturn is the second largest planet in our universe. It’s one of the gas planets rotating around out there. It has a very prominent system of rings and rotates very rapidly. The rings on your planet were seen as early as 1610 by Galilelo Gallilei.

Saturn is named after the Roman god of the harvest and agriculture. He also monitors justice and strength, so evidently he’s good at multi-tasking. A really nice thing about Saturn is that he can impart serenity and wisdom. Goodness knows we need those!

But what does this mean to you?

Well, more than likely you are one that does a lot of hard work. You probably also know what it is like to be miserable. You have experienced the boundaries of the physical world around you. You’ve learned to be tough and are a survivor. While some people may think that you are a bit cold, you just want to make it through another day. Inside you may tend to be a bit sad or melancholy. You don’t open yourself up to a lot of people and probably have just one or two really good friends. What it really means is that you are very realistic and you don’t like to get hurt, so you do what is necessary to keep yourself sane and safe.

As far as aliens go, you’re pretty cool, calm, and collected.

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