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Uh oh - the end of the weekend comes

Saturday was fun. I helped one of the people at work set up a laptop/projector to display photo's for a their club dinner. Easy enough and the place was not far from home. I went over in the morning to set up the basics. As usual I mucked in setting stuff up. They decided to make the dance floor larger (the floor is removable so and is like a large, easy puzzle. We had to dismantle it, move it and rebuild it again. Luckily I spotted the trick of building it and ended up directing operations. I'm able to quickly 'see' systems and can spot the key to this sort of stuff easily.

Anyway, I finished (got a cuppa tea as well for my troubles), came back later and started the system off. Then finally I came back after a few more hours and packed the laptop/projector away so the dance floor was clear - we timed it so they were finishing the final course of the meal. I quickly found my suit and dress shirt so I didn't look out of place. Even though I was offered drinks etc I decided to disappear. Large gatherings and parties like this are problematic for me.

The webserver at work was down, after the second 'visit' to the party I went to work and had a look at it - my key allows me to get into the block where I work and the server sits in the next office. Being in a block not connected to the main building has its advantages. I couldn't work out what was happening, nothing had been changed. A look at the main error log of the webserver program bought up a strange error. I finally worked out that the webserver log file had gone over 2GB. The version of Solaris I use has a file limit of 2Gb - opening files above 2Gb will cause the process to die. It had gone over because the file was still open. The weekly reboot occured and the system failed. A quick rename and creation of a blank file and everything is happy again. I'll have to clean up on Monday, but it got the webserver running.

When the memory upgrade appears I plan to upgrade the server to Solaris 10, the more advanced stuff in that will be great. I like Sun, they bring out a new operating system every 2 years without fail and their hardware is rock solid.

Sunday I spent at my parents - nice roast beef dinner and we had sandwiches later. My eldest sister had mistakenly put some diesel in her car instead of petrol. As the assistant suggested she shot around and filled up with petrol. If you ever do this, then thats what you do. For the next week at least you regulary fill up with petrol which dilutes the diesel enough so it doesn't damage the engine. Sure your engine sounds rough for a bit, but thats all. I did pick up some stuff from my years working in the construction industry and thats one of the useful ones. Definatly saves the money of having your car fuel system flushed.

Ah well, Monday soon. I have 2 days of emails and stuff to wade though, the 2nd dataset system to write (this one is more complicated than the first). A mass of paperwork to get sorted, roaming profile updates and I have to get the new version of SPSS deployed somehow. Ack, this is getting depressing. I wonder if I get the chance to take a day or two off (cue large amount of sarcastic laughter).

Well, the battle recommences tomorrow - let loose the technicians of war
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