madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Snow time

Oh well, we got some snow. Not much, we don't usually get much in my part of the UK (the part out of the city is another matter (it is called the 'Peak' District for a reason).

Anyway, it wasn't too hard to drive to work, most of the time it was just like driving in rain. A couple of roads hadn't been gritted but again, they weren't that hard to drive down even with my small engined car which has no fancy stuff to 'help' the driver. Parking at work was easy enough - I admit there was a little sliding but nothing too worrying. Of course - London near enough went into panic mode - as well as a lot of other places. Its the worst snow we've had in years - but still its not THAT bad.

Anyway, work was uneventful and as I went to leave I noticed a massive traffic jam at the car park exit - so I turned around and went back inside (picking up another techie who did the same thing when I told them the size of the queue). We know it took another techie about an hour to get out so that gives you some idea (think getting out of the site onto the main road was probably a mess). Another - about 3/4 hour later (6ish) I braved it and it was clear. Oh, one of the A/C units for one of the many server rooms has broken big time so a lot of the systems are offline at work. Thankfully, the server I'm responsible for is somewhere else so its okay.

Went and did some shopping and half expected a lot of panic shoppers emptying the place - it, wasn't. In fact it was the reverse - very quiet and so I got around it quicker than usual. Getting home was easy enough, same as the morning in truth. Plenty of idiots around though and I spotted a couple of shunts that had occured (nothing major, just dented cars).

I'll try to get some photos of the snow first thing tomorrow - I misplaced my camera (its around here somewhere, I put a new harddisk in my PC over the weekend so its probably somewhere obvious (ie in plain sight). I have my other camera though (the one with the busted on/off switch) so I can attempt some pictures with that one.

Tomorrow - I may walk to work depending on what the weather looks like (if it takes that long to get out of the car park tomorrow I would be almost home). I'll make that choice tomorrow - work are also going to alert everyone if the site is shut or something. They cancelled the evening lectures today and there're being safe.

Anyway, time to make a cuppa tea and get some sleep I think. Could have ice on the roads tomorrow, won't that cause some idiots 'issues'.....
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