madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

I'm not sure whats worse, staff or students.

For saying that the staff I work with are 'IT savvy' they tend to exibit some rather idiotic ideas. Sometimes its just brain bypass, forgivable as they tend to leave some stuff to the last minute then miss something obvious. Most of the stuff I get called to - especially the lectures is normally something dumb, and I mean really dumb. Panic really does seem to bring out the dumb part of a lot of people.

This will get worse this week. Student assigments are due to be handed in now and the next couple of weeks. All hell will break loose as they leave everything to the last minute and then expect me to pull them out of the mire.

The only good thing is that the new memory for the webserver arrived today. I'll have to get it installed correctly but its a 'nice' job to look forward to. Hopefully it'll improve the system performance and when I'm ready the server is going to be reinstalled with the latest version of Solaris as well as apache, php and mysql. Its a lot of work, but in the long run a lot better.

Then again, maybe another job will come up which I'll go for. Currently, apart from the mortgage, I have nothing I can't leave without much bother. Moving overseas or having to drive further to work (of even catch a train) isn't as hard as it sounds.

Being single does help a lot - there's no chance of that situation changing so I can enjoy myself without having to worry about anyone else.
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