madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Lets have a laugh

On the radio today there was a story about how the local A&E (ER) is moving soon and one of the ways they're letting people know is by 'word of mouth'.

So, the presenter decided to do that for his show on Friday (which is an outside broadcast).

This'll only take a minute or two but would you all just drop him a note on the website to say that you can't make it (being a long way away would be a half decent reason) but you heard of it 'word of mouth' (or would that be 'word of livejournal'). Go on, you may get a mention (blame me if you want) - and you can listen to the show online.

Message is 'Shane O'Connors breakfast show will be presented from the top of an old bus in Burton on Friday'.

Web link is (you need to select 'Shane O'Connor' from the drop down list).

The show is on 7.00am to 10.00am UK Time every weekday (click on the 'listen live' link).

Go on, get others involved if you want (anyway you like). It'll be a laugh......
Tags: funny, radio
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