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Day at home

One of these days I'll do a real update (honest) but here's something boring.

Today, I have the day off - I used some 'lieu time' aka toil so it doesn't eat into my annual leave allocation (although I have 2 days left on that to book). The reason - I ordered a new monitor for my computer - my current one is getting darker and showing serious signs of breaking so I ended up getting a new one.

Luckily, I found a well priced one on offer from dabs. Unfortunatly as its my first order from them they will only deliver to my payment address (ie where my debit card address is), instead of having it sent to my parents or work. Annoyingly their delivery setup is worse - their 'cheapest' delivery is a '3 day spread, between 7am and 6pm' (ie arrive on one of 3 days). Next, arrive on a single day between 7am and 6pm. A lot more expensive is single day '7am to midday'.

So, I went for the 'single day, 7am to 6pm' option. So, I'm stuck in the house all day awaiting it to arrive. I know I could have asked my mother to house sit for me but I thought I'd use some of the lieu time. She may visit (easy way to walk dog and get a cup of tea).

Not sure when it'll arrive - it has online tracking but the depot is in Nottingham so it depends on when the drivers route is. Made me laugh as the tracking reminded me of (

Well, I'm going to finish the current pot of tea, then do some housework. I need to do a decent cleanup around here and I need to redo all the cables behind the tv setup as they got messed up a bit when I got the new cable modem.

Still, its still nicer than work - I get to see more of the outside as my office is in the middle of the block (ie 4 walls and a door).

Edit: It arrived just before 10am
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