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Reporting from London

Well, myself and babyghia have made it to the hotel in London (near Tower Bridge). No thanks to the RMT union who are on strike today and tomorrow (the days we are in London).

We got to London okay but we found out that there were more tube services running than expected. Although not many and the Tube station at St Pancras station was closed. So, with each of us with a fairly heavy rucksack each (we were at the minimum but still we had to pack some stuff), we set off.

We walked to near Euston station and then headed to 'The Mall' via Russell Square. After a rest near the fountain in Russell Square we carried on past one end of Oxford Street and down Charing Cross road towards Trafalgar Square. On the way we spotted a small Sushi place - not a bar as although it was made onsite it was packaged. As babyghia is a sushi monster we stopped and had a small selection box each (not a great amount but enough). After that we continued on to Trafalgar square where it started raining quite hard. We stayed for a bit for photographs but finally headed off down the Mall near Admiralty Arch. At this point the rain eased off and we walked down the mall to Buckingham Palace. We then staggered to St James's park and sat down for a while with a drink.

After the rest we walked over to King Charles street and went to look at Downing Street and the Cenotaph. Then we walked downto Parliament Square for the Houses of Parliament and St Stephens Tower (which where the bell 'Big Ben' strike the 3pm chimes. At this point we were both starting to tire (babyghia especially). We crossed Westminster Bridge and attempted the tube at Waterloo station. The Jubilee line was running (delays though) and we got on a very packed train and got off a few minutes later at London Bridge station.

After yet another walk with several rest stops we walked past HMS Belfast and over Tower Bridge to St. Katharine's dock. We knew that there was a Starbucks there and we both needed another drink (we had walked past 4 of them already). After that it was a final big effort to get to the hotel and thats where we both collapsed (and we were both glad of being able to remove our shoes).

So, after we've recovered some we are going to find something to eat and then I have something planned for late this evening.

This 'quick' entry turned out longer than planned - oh well. I'm cursing the RMT union a lot now (even more than usual for this really annoying union).

Edit: For the record I just about killed babyghia with the walking but I will point out I had planned to use the Tube today so I shall blame the RMT
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