madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Quick Update

I haven't posted much for a while (actually, since the update after myself and babyghia had gotten to the hotel in London during the tube strike.

babyghia is doing a series of posts about her trip so that saves me posting anything. Since she went back nothing major has happened. Work is quiet as the students are gone until late September so I'm getting on catching up with my programming. I have one system ready for testing so I'm planning the next amount of coding.

Last Saturday I went up to Edale with my best friend for a walk. We didn't walk up Kinder Scout for several reasons (a) We didn't bring any safety equipment or our walking boots and (b) neither of us is really up to that sort of walk. I'm still building my stamina back up and my best friend is trying to lose some of the extra weight he's put on. We'll attack it sooner or later though - its a nice walk and excellent views of the 'Dark Peak'. We did about 4 miles worth of walking and I may dump some photos up on facebook at some point.

Badminton has been okay, I enjoy playing it and I have a good laugh. At times I get really annoyed with myself if I play well below what I am capable of (I don't mind losing as long as I've played well).

So, thats about it - this afternoon its the badminton BBQ in Duffield - I'm taking a load of bread (probably too much) and I had a special order for one of my 'death by chocolate' chocolate logs.

We've had a heat wave this week so its been really hot and humid at times. A mass of rain has helped but I'm hoping for a good storm to clear the air more.

So thats about it - pretty boring really.
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