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Update + Parcel Fun

Not really much is happening at the moment. Work is quiet as its summer (practically no students) so I'm trying to get as much programming done as possible during the quiet time (few, if no interuptions = easier to programme). Lots of academics are on holiday or 'working from home' so its quieter that side too.

If I order stuff online I usually get it delivered to work or my parents as I'm not in much. I placed an order last week and the form complained that I was using the wrong address. The address I use, although correct, is not the 'registered' address as I need to add an extra line so it actually gets to me and not stuck in the post room for a few days while they work out where it should go.

So, it got sent to my parents. I let my parents know that one was coming and got an email today saying it had arrived. It was good timing as the kitten was being spayed - I got to my parents after work to discover they had to take her back to the vets - they'd picked her up and she managed to break her stitches, so my parents took her up again and they stapled the wound shut. It was bleeding again so I drove them up there. Luckily it wasn't that bad and didn't need anymore work so I drove them back again. I spent longer at my parents than I'd planned - cups of tea and general talking as well as laughing at a kitten having trouble with a buster collar.

When I finally got home and opened the box - it wasn't what I was expecting. It was the normal monthly anime collection with another folder. I telephoned my parents and told them to expect another box.

One good thing - I've been invited around for Sunday Lunch so that'll be okay. I can probably annoy my sister too.

Oh well, not much of an update but hey ho - it filled the time while waiting for my dinner to cook ;-)
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