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Back in Blighty

As a few may have noticed - I arrived back from Austria yesterday. I need to do a post about it all but it was a good trip.

So I'm now back at work and sorting through my email. One thing has made me laugh today - which is unusual as sorting through work email is usually soul destroying (academics love to make their points known). So, here it is, with the background.

A couple of weeks ago, at the last annoying staff meeting, I asked about a piece of software that has been requested to be installed on lab machines by some academic staff..... I got a rather annoying reply from several staff they "they've been on at people to get it sorted for about a year". This was the first time I'd heard about it - the IT TECHNICIAN for the department wasn't spoken to AT ALL about it. So, after talking to the correct people I got an email today - the software has been set to install on the lab machines when the are next switched on (installing over the network is nice).

Isn't it nice how quickly something can get done when you talk to the correct people and not scream to the wrong ones......

Oh well, such is life here and I have to rememeber it won't last too much longer (I hope).
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