madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

A personal rule

I have a few personal rules. One of which is to do with Christmas - its basically this.

I will not deal with any Christmas type stuff until December.

Basically, it means that I don't think about Christmas until its December, no Christmas shopping, decorations or music. My Christmas clarinet and flute music is not touched along with the CD's (they are all kept in the same box).

There are, however, a couple of exceptions. The first is that if I have a concert or something where I need to practise something which involves Christmas music etc. As I need to practice to ensure I play (or whatever) the best I can it is acceptable (but ONLY that stuff, nothing else).

The second is that if I have to do something that will take longer (delivery/creation) than I will have (or push the 'completion' point) too close. That again is okay.

Other than that - forget it. You can do stuff, I won't mind (apart from a sarcastic comment or two). Just don't push it onto me.

For the record I'm not anti-Christmas (or whatever you celebrate). My Christmas music is some of my favourite music to play. Its also some of the best to listen too out of my collection (probably).

(so, now its December I'll probably but a 'who wants a card' post up in a day or so).
Tags: christmas
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