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The final days before Christmas

Work is currently dead - its VERY quiet as there are no students (a few may use the library etc) but no lectures at least. A lot of academics are off now (or "working at home") as the students aren't around. Masses of other people have this week off. A couple of things happened which I'll mention after the techie Christmas do.

Yesterday was the techie Christmas dinner. After the doctors I walked to work - I go through the city centre and got a new battery for my watch. I also stopped by a Post Office near work to send some cards (sorry people they'll be late). I finally got to work at 11.30am.... We were meeting for the techie do at 12... It wasn't even worth turning my computer on.

We went into Derby (I was squashed in the middle of the back of a Ford Fiesta) - its small so we were tightly packed but survivable (3 in back). The meal was at the 'May Sum' Chinese resturant which was very nice and "all you can eat". Meal was excellent and the Chinese beer was nice enough.

Afterwards one of the techies had organised a pub crawl. A real ale one as she knows the best pubs for that (we have a lot of real ale pubs in Derby). It didn't start that well, the first pub was closed but it went well after that. I stopped having alcohol at about the 5th pub as I know my limits. My boss and fellow techies had a lot of fun. One left earlier so his wife would only half kill him. My boss was going to get killed so he decided to stay longer (if your're dead anyway, it doesn't matter how late you are :-D ).

As per normal I sent babyghia some 'hic' text messages. After my boss swiped my mobile (cell) and sent a couple to her himself it went even further downhill. We all had fun and a good time was had by all. I walked home (slipped a bit on the ice but didn't fall over) and after a nice pot of tea I found my bed.

A couple of things of note happened today - I've had a couple of the subject managers home computers in for repair. One had a busted PSU (overloaded one rail) so he purchased a new (overpriced) one and I installed it and explained to him how to install one. I will say I was impressed with the powersupply and its cables (at that price it should be). We wired it in and I hit the powerswitch to be greated by absolutly nothing... Luckily the PSU header cable was loose and a quick adjustment and it flew into life. One happier subject manager.

The other thing, one of the lecturers dropped and 'required' some help outside the building. Turned out she had a box of real ale for me (12 bottles). I've repaired her daughters laptops several times this year and they bought me the ale as a thankyou (they decided that and were not pushed by her mom). I never ask for anything as its often easy enough for me to do. But its nice anyway (plus its Wychwood ale too which is really nice).

Anyway, short day tomorrow (2pm finish at the latest). After that I should probably think about sorting out stuff to pack for next Monday.
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