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Theme Tunes

I read an article on the BBC called What makes a great TV Theme. I guess it was done because Johnny Dankworth died last week. Now, that made me think a bit - probably because I listen to theme tunes a lot due more due to my 'music' side.

So, memorable theme tunes - quite a few sprung to mind, so prepare for a youtube link frenzy (with a few of my comments). Feel free to suggest others - it would be nice to hear what others think.

I have to start with sport - there are several BBC Sports themes that people will know. They've changed a bit over the years but still are the same theme......

Early Sunday evenings always used to be time to watch Ski Sunday (to watch people crash). Saturday Afternoon - on BBC1 there was always Grandstand (basically an all afternoon sports show). Another one that you knew within a few notes is the Snooker Theme. The two week Wimbledon (Tennis) is another one which is well known. For Formula 1, the BBC used a cover of a Fleetwood Mac Song. As soon as you heard those first few notes from the bass, you knew what it was. It hasn't changed that much.

But, my favourite of all is the BBC Test Match Special theme (Song is 'Soul Limbo'). Although another broadcaster currently the tv rights for cricket - the iconic BBC Radio show of the same name still goes on and is usually on when England are playing.

Thats enough of sport, there are several others that didn't make it in but would be worth it.

nto tv series, so many to choose from. I shall start with Dad's Army Yeah, its an old show, but unlike a lot of other comedy's - it doesn't age. A couple more old shows Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em and Another tune that I 'knew' but can't remember the show Black Beauty. What about the the Goodies (if you want a laugh, watch the Funky Gibbon. Another Perry and Croft Sitcom Are you being Served. Another old favourite All Creatures Great and Small (anyone notice a furture Dr Who???. Talking of Dr Who here's a compliation of all the versions. Another classic Sci-Fi show from the late seventies is Blakes 7 (complete with cheap effects and set (Mind you Avon's insult compilation is fun and of course I shouldn't forget The Hitchhikders Guide to the Galaxy.

I will have to finish on one of my favourite programmes. Of course - it would have to be the tune 'Jessica'. Of course, I'm on about Top Gear. Of course - I will have to add in one from the early incantation of the show.

So, I'll shut up now. There's plenty more where they came from (Allo Allo?, or maybe 'Open All Hours'). If you can remember some - comment away. Or maybe your're asleep by now.

Oh dear, looks what happens when I let my mind loose.
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