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Quick update - this is getting really stupid


I add this in one of the few times I have been able to sit at a computer for more than 5 minutes.

I managed to get to badminton Wednesday evening, thus far its the only time I've had to unwind. There were some good games, its funny to realise that some people still play to me thinking I'm right handed (I'm left handed) after uncountable times of them being 'punished' by finding they've just sent the shot over to my forehand and get it fired back. You see, even though I don't play at 'full power' at this group I hit some shots automatically. Years of 'rote' learning on net kills, smash shots etc and some of my shots have hit the floor of the opporsite court without me realising I've hit it. I can't stop it, its automatic reactions.

Work is been plain stupid. Deadlines are coming thick and fast over the next couple of week and so students get into 'panic' mode and expect me to be able to perform miricles (or just blame me) with dead disks, corrupt documents and (more usual) the wrong document format for Word. Thank you Mrosoft for releasing MS Works, not to mention making it not compatiable with Word. Although they released a converter its not exactly brilliant. I tend now to tell students to download and install open office. Its just as good as MS office although it doesn't have a few features that all of a few people in the world will miss, it does work, open and save in practically any format. Not to mention it also saves directly to PDF (which apparanetly is coming in the next version of office). I know you can install a printer driver that adds this option to any program (you just need to print and I install PDFCreator) its nice to have it included.

So, I've been running around sorting out students, sorting out staff (some of which seem to have caught the same stupidness bug) and attempting to get the next dataset system finished. I have one more to write after this, but it should be easier as I'll only have to adjust the current one I'm on. I've been getting into work earlier, leaving a lot later just to attempt to keep up, and I'm failing.

I've been getting home so late that by the time I've had food and cleared up (I clean up during the making of my meals and straight afterwards) its late so I only have time to do a few things and then get to bed. I'm barely keeping up on some other admin work, the house is now a complete tip and my wrist is extremely painful so I'm not in the best of moods anyway.

Another minor thing, I wonder where on earth I put my cell. It could be in the car, house or even worse in my office. I could have even left it inside a computer due to the running around I've been doing - the normal trick of phoning it is not working as the battery is dead (the call goes straight to answer phone). It'll turn up eventually, its not as if anything important comes through it. I'm not welded to it and I would happily get rid of it - I may still do as its mainly an annoyance.

A couple of good things have happened. The memory for the webserver arrived and its happily installed. Now the webserver doesn't use the swap partition as much anymore. The portable DVD Rewriter arrived as well which will massively improve the imaging capability for me (and thus make it easier to deploy computers once I have set up the procedures) - although I haven't had time to unpack it yet.

Looks like another late night tonight. I'm in half a mind to drive up to Kinder Scout and do a night walk (even in this extremely bad weather and on my own).

I expect because I haven't been on IM that my name is mud, then again. Its mud anyway.

PS. In the few minutes it took to write this, I was interupted about 8 times. There goes the 'phone AGAIN.
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