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Getting there

Pretty good day thus far.

I got two rooms mostly cleaned and I can see most of my dining table. Although there's loads still to do its visually better and 'getting there'. With a bit of luck (I'm damn well due some) I may eventually get back to the point I was a few months ago - or maybe thats just a pipe dream.

As its now December I decided to bring out the box with my Christmas sheet music and CD's in. I make a point of not doing any Christmas stuff until December - the only exception is when I have to practice some music for a concert or suchlike where practise is essential.

For the first time in months I dragged out my clarinet and tried it (with my bad wrist). I definatly need practise (and maybe a few new reeds) as I've become rusty (not surprising). The good thing is that I didn't overtax my bad wrist so as long as I limit the amount of time I should be okay. The bad thing is that I can't find that damn harness which should help me a lot.

Still feeling down though - not surprising for quite a few reasons. Some of them are new things, most are old though. There's no chance of being able work them out currently - so I'll have to muddle through as usual.

Thats life I suspose. The odd good thing with a mass of bad things.
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