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Getting the Ghia back on the road - part number the 2

So, here we go on another unexciting installment....

After the last time we had a few weeks 'off' for various reasons of which weather was one of them. Anyway, battle was rejoined on the 28th November after we got a few more tools and spares. A nice set of axle stands and jack at a good price (and are the same model axle stands that we already have) was good. It means that when we jack up the car we can not use the scissor jack which is slow and annoying at times.

First order of the day was to loosen the wheel nuts, most came off fairly easily. One gave a fight but was conquered fairly quickly. One last nut was not giving up without a huge fight. A mass of liquid wrench and pressure from myself, babyghia and at times both of us came to no effect. I then decided to try something silly, while babyghia steadied the X wrench I used the jack to push the wheelnut upwards so that the pressure of the jack and the weight of the car pushing downwards worked against it. Strangely enough, it worked quite easily so that was good.

Next task was to raise the front of the car so we could remove the front wheels. Last the back of the car we raised both jacks after finding the best jacking points and after I worked out where the best place on the axle to have the stands I managed to place the stand on the side I was working on. The other side went on with a minor bit of difficulty, the fun occured when babyghia slowly lowered the other jack. As that side settled on the stand the car moved slightly towards me - giving me a fairly big shock. Thankfully it was okay and after my heart rate dropped below 100bpm we safely settled the car onto the axle stands.

As the car was now on jacks I took a bit of time to look at the steering. Apart from it needing tightening up it seems in fairly decent shape. Not long after this babyghia retreated away as she was not feeling well, I carried on removing the wheels and looking at the front brakes. As its a Karmann Ghia, the front has disk brakes (rather than drum brakes at the back). The drivers side seemed okay, the wheel moved (not very well) but the brake disc needs replacing and I'm sure the shoes do as well. The calipers seem okay but we may just replace them anyway - once the brake system is bleed and checked we'll have a better idea of that. The other side seemed better at moving but once I'd checked its braking a couple of times it moved slowly - a sign of jammed brakes. New disc and shoes at least for this side too.

I couldn't bleed the brakes as its best to have two people to carry out that task. I saw the state of both the right front wheel and the spare - I know we'll need new tyres on the entire car as its been sitting for a long time, but before we can move it we'll need at least one of those two replaced. Maybe if we can find an offer somewhere we can get all of them done at the same time.

The final task I did was to see if I could easily remove the fuel tank. babyghia has mentioned that there is probably a lot of mess inside of it due to where the Ghia used to be parked. Probably a good idea in truth, after a bit of work I found the tank and tried to remove it. Needs two people and there is still some petrol in there so I need to be really careful - we have a 'spill kit' (cat litter) and a fire extingusher (I also explained to babyghia how to use correctly on a 'liquid' fire).

After discovering that I can't do it I cleaned up and finished up. Not much else I could do. Next time I think I'll have to sort the front brakes out (at least unjam them), and again attempt to bleed the brakes. To get the petrol tank out will require more thought. When we get more tyres we'll need to clean up the wheel rims.

I think babyghia is wanting to attempt to start the car up as she constantly mentions getting a new battery - might be a good idea once the tank is cleaned, oil changed and the wheels at least moving (brakes could be stuck). We'll have a much better idea of how it is IF we can get it at least moving a little bit under its own power. I do want to be able to stop it though so maybe I need to check the handbrake works.....

So, when will the next time occur - maybe this weekend, maybe later. We'll see.....
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