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Getting the Ghia back on the road - part number the 3

Bit delayed but here we go again....

After last time I realised that something was up with the front brakes (there is a problem with the back ones but thats another issue). To expand on the issue I found, the passenger side wheel sometimes moved great, and the brake worked find - but most of the time it wouldn't release very well.

So, I tried first to remove the brake line, that caused some fun, its a simple nut, which was completely jammed (even after liberal coatings of liquid wrench. I cheated - by using the one of the hydraulic jacks to lift the spanner/wrench I managed to get it loose. Removing the caliper after that was easy enough (if not a bit messy due to the muck in the caliper). I used an old plastic milk container to put brake line in so there was no mess from it. The other caliper was another issue - the nut didn't co-operate with any plan (doesn't help that the jack trick wouldn't work as the spanner had to go down (instead of up). That line eventually had to be cut but the nut got stripped. A set of front brake lines are to be added to the shopping list (might as well do both).

I have them both now in the apartment. I've cleaned most of one of them and it looks like one of the seals is split - so I'll probably end up taking them to a garage to get them fixed (we have a lead on a good VW place in Daly City). Before I do that I'll clean the other one and see whats up with it.

With those disconnected I went to the other task - draining the oil. We got a really nice oil capture thing from a local hardware store - it comes with a funnel and is designed for this task. It has a two screw caps - one to fit the funnel to and one to drain the oil into a nice container, it was also very nicely priced for what it is.

Getting the oil to start draining felt like a bit of Russian roulette - the oil sump not 'drain plug' so I had to remove the oil plate - which is held in place by six bolts. I took the first one off with the oil capture thing underneath. This made the task very awkward and when the first bolt came loose it fell into the container - I then spent five minutes recovering it (and its washer) from the container. I then removed another bolt without the container underneath - that one was easily removed, but the third one came out and the oil started coming out so the funnel and container was rapidly put beneath it. I loosened a couple more bolts and the oil came out a lot more quickly. When the oil had stopped I removed the rest of the bolts and plate - the container was left beneath to capture anything more oil that decides to escape. We'll clean it all out on the next assault.

So, that's it at the moment. The calipers need sorting out and I need to check the oil strainer (no filter - it's a strainer). After that I hope to start cleaning the hub caps and eventually the hubs themselves. I'll probably have to get babyghia to get the socket I need to get into the back brakes (drum brakes) and hopefully work out why they are jammed.

I need to do a list of what stuff needs to be done, purchased and sorted so we can attempt to start the car and see if it'll move.

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