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Getting the Ghia back on the road - part number the 4

But of delay since the last attempt (and a delay of posting about it as it was a couple of weeks ago). Weather and other stuff has kept us away from the Ghia (as well as awaiting a few tools we had ordered).

After last time I have dismantled and cleaned the front disc brake calipers - one seems to have a split piston seal but we hope that it won't cause too much of an issue at this time. It'll need to be replaced but while we try and get the car running and moved to someone who can completely repair it hopefully it'll work enough (or just not impede the car too much).

As babyghia had gone up to get the breaker bar from her parents and ended up doing tech support for a bit. I carried on as best as I could. The rear drum brakes were next one my list. We (I) planned to dismantle them and clean them as best as I could (like the front ones). Which is why we needed the breaker bar (and a 36mm axle socket). As I was waiting for babyghia to return I tried to remove the axle nut with the trick of using the torque wrench and the hydraulic jack (to provide the force required).

It seemed to be going well, until I realised that it wasn't removing the nut but moving the entire engine. So, I double checked the handbrake and tried again - same issue. So, I put the car into gear (thankfully its a manual) and tried again, then with a higher gear (and reverse) until I finally gave up. All I was doing was moving the engine. I continued doing other minor things until babyghia returned with the breaker bar. I had the same problem (no surprise) so I got her to work the handbrake and gears while I tried a few more times - with the same result.

So, no way of checking the rear breaks easily but on the bright side the engine and transmission moves fairly well. That, at least gives me some hope that the car will at least run and we don't have a sized engine and/or transmission.

The plan from now - refit the front disk brakes back onto the car (replacing the brake line I had to cut), put the oil drain plate, strainer etc back on to the car. Bleed the brakes and get new tyres for the car (all need replacing because even the two that look okay will have bend radials due to the car staying in one place for so long).

After that, replace the oil then get a new battery. When we have a new battery I want to test all the lights/electrics etc to understand what is working (and what isn't) then finally we'll attempt to start the car and see what explodes ;-) ).

So, when will this occur - I don't know yet, we need money for the tyres (and time to get them replaced) and a bit of time to fit everything on. Maybe I'll attempt to video the engine start to give everyone a laugh.....

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