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A day of starts - but not much finished

Ever tried to start something and not got very far with it. Thats been my day, I tried to start a lot of things, but most of them are still stuck on the starting line.

I did manage to sort though all the mail I had lying around. The stuff I need to keep is in a small pile now, the junk mail is sorted into either the trash or the recycling container (they pick up this week) along with the mass of free newspapers that arrive. That made another part of the house look quite tidy.

Two other tasks I wanted to get on with basically didn't get started/restarted at all. I just couldn't get going on them - annoying for me, but sometimes it just happens.

Back to the grind tomorrow - if the students don't have too many idiotic problems then I may get more of the dataset system done. I think I'm past the hard bit, the new setup is working well, I just need to put the answer system together (most of it is already done, but needs reworking to fit it into the new version). Once I fully finish it then it'll make the whole process a lot quicker.

to quote 'Once more into the breech dear friends'
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