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Getting the Ghia back on the road - part number the 5

So, last time it was looking good. I managed to get the front brakes off and I spent time cleaning the front disk brakes as best as I could. I ordered the brake pipe we needed and it arrived a couple of days later.

When they duly arrived we hit some optimism. As the car needed an oil change we asked about tyres and they didn't have the 'type' that the Ghia takes. Happily, a telephone call to a VW place gave us an answer and we dropped them off. They didn't have 4 but when we bought the car in for an oil change and brake work a day or so later they had done them and loaded them into the car for us as well.

Some fun getting a battery was had though. We went to Sears and the guy who helped us did a lot of searching but came up empty. We went to a Kragen and they had a compatible battery - they had to find it in the back (not in the main store) but they had it.

So, on the Sunday I tried to disconnect the old brake hose. It wasn't being helpful, and after a lot of work I ended up braking the metal line it was connected to. So, there goes the plan for starting it up. I reconnected the other front disc brake fine and tidied up. Not much else you can do.

After that setback I ordered a new brake pipe and a few other things to make the postage reasonable. This stuff arrived a few days later. An enforced break due to visiting Moffett field, watching a baseball practice, Makerfaire and Fanime we got back to the attack last Sunday.

We'd gotten a pipe bender and some 'practice' pipe so there was less chance of destroying the metal brake pipe which may have been a little OTT but better safe than sorry. We'd also gotten a couple of more tools than we didn't have.

Removing the old metal brake line from the brake master cylinder was fairly simple. Fitting the new one wasn't simple but went on with a short fight. The hose and front brake also went back on fairly easily.

Next job was to bleed the brakes, I opened the rear brake bleed valve and babyghia started pumping on the brake. The brake fluid needed topping up which was easy enough and the noises coming from the cylinder seemed to be positive.

Not much happened though, we opened all the bleed valves with the thought that there was so much air in the system a bubble may be stuck somewhere. After a fair amount of time nothing much happened apart from having to top the brake fluid off.

We decided to leave the valves open (as it was getting late) and see if it would just let the air out a bit. I decided to come back during the week and pump the brakes to see if it would work. This was christened 'Operation Pump Brake' - unfortunately I ended up with the song 'pumping iron' (You tube link.

So, on the Monday I walked over with the thought that I'd pump brake while babyghia was at curves with her mother. Her dad was in the garage working on the loom and I started off.

It started well.... After 10 or so minutes I checked the brakes to find a leak from one of the rear brakes. Excellent, one brake done so I tightened up the bleed valve for that one (after cleaning up). Not long afterwards one of the front brakes gave up a leak - that valve was tightened.

A few minutes of brake pumping later I checked again - only to find a leak where there shouldn't be one. Some searching (and cleaning) later I suspected that there was a leak at the master cylinder. babyghia's dad agreed with my thoughts. There wasn't enough light for a big check but I'll need to take a bright light with me and we'll have to make a big check to see if it is the master cylinder.

If it is, then we'll have to get a new one and fit it. Thankfully, they aren't that expensive and not too difficult to replace. If it isn't then one or more metal brake line is broken. I'm not sure which I would prefer. The front brake lines aren't that hard to replace but the rear ones aren't as accessible.

Oh well, that's that. Hopefully we'll have some time this weekend to have a good look and then, depending on what is the issue we'll see. The parts usually arrive within a few days so that, at least, is not a big issue.....

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