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Getting the Ghia back on the road - part number the 6

So, after the last issue (and finding of leaks in the brake system) I ordered a new master cylinder as well as some fuses, dashboard bulbs an a full set of metal brake lines (just in case and a full set was worth the cost). Part of the reason for extra parts is that we'll probably need them, the other is that the main place I get parts from charges shipping by amount purchased. I think it's worth filling the order as close to the shipping cost as I can get to make it worth it.

Anyway, removing the old master cylinder started - all the pipes, came off easily with only a bit of leaking. Getting the master cylinder out was more difficult. The bolts holding it inside the car cabin was removed with a bit of difficulty - the it was stuck fast.

Of course, all the books and references on removing it didn't take the brake pedal version into account. Pulling and hitting the cylinder itself by the front wheel didn't do anything (along with a liberal spray of liquid wrench). I decided to remove the 'piston' that connects to the cylinder from the brake pedal and go from there (every so often trying to pull the master cylinder off via the wheel well).

After running out of time, energy and getting fed up of having the steering wheel in my ribcage, I came back with assistance from babyghia. We set about again trying to remove the cylinder. After a while of annoyance I tried to pull the master cylinder off again with brute force - to my surprise 'it just came off in my hand'. I guess all the work around it etc loosened the grip it had.

Fitting the new cylinder wasn't that easy at first. Mounting it was an issue. The space available made it difficult. After a lot of work, annoyance and frustration we got it attached to the car. The issue was trying to mount it on the two bolts and brake piston in a confined space for both the car cabin and wheel well. After a few false starts we managed to get it mounted - it was awkward but finally on.

Attaching the two electric connectors (attaches to brake pressure sensors) was another issue I had. One was a tight fit but eventually it connected okay. The feed pipes caused a small issue but was easily overcome and the front right metal line connected easily. The rear brake line was another matter - after more than a few slight adjustments to the end of the pipe it eventually gave up and connected. The front left was needed slight adjustment but was easily done.

I then opened the bleed valves and attempted to bleed the brakes. After filling up the brake reservoir it seemed to go okay...... Right up until I spotted a large leak under the car...... After cleaning it up and putting stuff underneath to catch anything else I checked the master cylinder. No leaks there. Another, slight less panicked check I realised that we had gone from two areas of leaking to one. The one leak is coming from around the tunnel leading to the rear of the car.

Prognosis - I suspect that the front to rear brake line has a leak. It's not coming from the master cylinder seal (I checked and it seemed okay). Of course, that is one of the annoying ones to replace. So that'll be my next task - replace the front to rear brake line somehow. Should be interesting as it's hidden so finding where it runs will be interesting.

Good job I got the brake line kit. Looks like it'll be needed after all.....

At this rate we'll be towing the Ghia up to the VW place for getting it sorted out. Would like to at least get it running before we do that but we'll see. Not beaten yet....
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