madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

I'm still here

Yeah, I haven't posted for a while - bad me. It's not like I don't have the time, more like trying to think up what to post.

I need to do a Ghia post - that's for certain, done more stuff on it but everytime something goes right, a few more things that cause problems appear. Oh well, such is life.

A week or so back myself and babyghia went to Sacramento for the weekend as we were escaping the Pacifica Fog Fest. Nothing wrong with it - except that it's on the road outside the apartment and is very noisy.... from Friday to Sunday (sleep is not easy). Also completely forget using the car too. Anyway, we went to the Railroad Museum there (you may remember that it is one of my interests). Anyone who follows me on Farcebook may want to lookout for the photo's. While there we managed to meetup with rembrandt13 who I know from twitter (by a very weird route). Anyway, we all had a laugh and found out that we also have some other crossover interests (apart from the classic Dr Who side). By the time we got back home they had cleared up outside the apartment but were still finishing clearing up nearby.

Found a few more anime's that I seem to like. Some because of the 'strangely cute but entertaining show' (Kobato) and a few others that seem decent enough - doesn't help that babyghia watches a fair few of them on her computer which is near to mine so I often end up watching them more than concentrating on the weird stuff I do. One other worth mentioning is 'Galaxy Railways' which I thoroughly enjoyed. I mean, how can't you like 'trains in space' - it does have a very decent story line and characters. You can also watch the entire series on youtube as funimation has put them up. The second series, wasn't dubbed commercially but thankfully has been fansubbed - we managed to get hold of it too and will watch it sooner or later.

Getting more used to driving on the other side of the road. Not got it fully yet (as I turned onto the wrong side when driving back from Sac anime and had to be corrected by babyghia - I had no visual clues so that wasn't a massive surprise).

I won't go too much into the 'fun' we've had organising the England trip. Needless to say, I will have a wonderful 8 hour+ drive on one day. Some more information from my family etc has come down about the planned party. One of my relatives (I think the correct relationship is 'First cousin, once removed'), was married last week and apparently a fair few of my relatives are planning to come. Add that to my old work, badminton and music group the last 'rough' count was 120. I have a lot of relatives.......

Anyway, I should get a Ghia post done soon - I have some more reading to do on the fuel system. Not sure when as we have a few days of rain forecast - not sure when I'll next have a go at it, could be Thursday or Friday depending on the reading/research.

I think it's time for another cuppa tea so I'm off to deal with that.
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