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An interesting question

I was talking to one of my friends (I do have a couple of friends). I was asked - 'Do you think there is a role for your/my life?'. I waved the question off, partly because of the situation at the time, partly because I couldn't think up a answer.

So, I've been thinking of the answer. Quite a lot in fact as it had me thinking. I couldn't come up with an useful 'role' so I reverted to one of my interests - military history. Could I put myself into a 'role' which based itself. This helped me massively, so what did I decide? Well, to see my decision you need to see my thinking.

Think of life as a column of troops marching. With all marches, there are different areas in a column.

Scout(s) - looking ahead, finding and marking the route. Ensuring the way ahead is safe and seen. Constantly looking out for ambushes etc.

Vanguard - Protecting the front of the main body. Ready to act quickly on reports from the scouts and support, guard and hold until the main body have appeared.

Van - The main body of troops, Most people are here, as well as the things you want to protect the most. In a lesser state of readiness than the vanguard, but still ready.

Rearguard - At the back, these are the soles protecting the rear. Ensuring noone gets left behind, nobody following or otherwise stalking to catch the van in one of its most vunerable spots.

Flank guards (aka out riders)- these souls are protecting the flanks (the sides) of the van (as well as, but not totally, the two guards). They provide sufficient warnings of attacks from the side to ensure that the van isn't caught unawares.

So, where do I fit. Not the van - way too many people and I work well on my own of in small groups. How about the vanguard - I'm not a 'front-line' person so thats out.

The choice is down to 3 Flankguard, Rearguard or scout.

At first I thought the scout would suit me most. But no, I don't like to be ahead and leading the column. Although everything else fits well.

Flankguard is very appealing, but it requires too much control and it doesn't suit me at all.

So, we're left with the rearguard. Ensuring we don't lose people, protecting the back, and usually getting stuffed with the 'last ditch' defenses - which does suit me well.

Rearguard seems to fit me best, but in ways it doesn't. That seems to be my life - being the rearguard, protecting and cleaning up afterwards.

After a lot of thought, I seem to fit the 'rearguard' type although I am a more 'solitary' unit. Life does seem to support that notion.

I am often at my best when working alone and at my own speed. Is this because I haven't worked with any 'like minded' people, or for some other reason. I enjoy walking in the dark peak alone, but I can make an excellent badminton partner - at my old coaching group, if I was partnered by one person then we were practically unbeatable. A couple of others and we made tough teams.

Maybe a role isn't enough, maybe its the people who are in the same 'group' as you.

Maybe a solo role is best for me. Maybe not, would I ever know, or am I going completely down the pan now.

Maybe I should just get completely drunk and forget the whole episode
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