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Not every student is annoying

Although I make it sound that all the students I tend to deal with on a daily basis some are actually quite nice.

I had one visit on Wednesday because she couldn't import some data into the stats package we use. The trick is to put it into a spreadsheet (normally excel) then copy/paste it across (don't ask why it doesn't paste correctly into the stats package, nobody knows).

The data file is 'delimited' by Tabs and once I imported it and straightened it up it was fine. For me, a no-brainer. For the student it was almost magic.

Well, today I got given a small box of maltesers for being able to drag them out of the state of panic they were reaching (deadlines do tend to panic students).

I don't ask for stuff like that, but its nice when it happens. It does help to lift the general cloud of 'its not working, its not my fault, deal with it now because I'm blaming it on the computer because I left it too late' type students.

Isn't it amazing how much a honest thankyou can be. It does make life feel worth living.
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