madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Err - where has this day gone.

Its now close to 1.30pm in the afternoon and I have got almost, but not quite exactly nothing done.

Well, not entirely true. Before I'd even opened up the block I work in someone was waiting for me, and another had problems as well. The main focus of this morning was a 'quick' meeting with my manager. This ended up taking up almost all the morning - a useful meeting all the same, but we were disturbed a fair bit - some coursework due in today and so the lab was busier than normal.

I'm hoping the rest of the afternoon will be quieter - I'd like to finish another part of one project and still be away in time to do my weekly shopping and get home at some sort of decent(ish) hour.

Will I make it, probably not, but we'll see
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