madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Buses to work

Okay, this afternoon is my department christmas do, so today I took buses to work. Now, its two buses for me, one into the city and one out to the campus I work at. This seems fine, the journey times are shorts (about 15 minutes each bus plus waiting time) until to take two problems into account.

1. Currently we are having major roadworks on the 'Inner Ring Road' (which only is about 3/4 of a ring and has been for 20+ years) which are directly effecting the bus route in to the city.


2. The bus station is closed as its going to be knocked down and replaced with a better one plus a load of shops, apartments etc

Now, problem 1 is fine - I left early so when I catch the bus we're delayed but still ahead of the main load of traffic (damn school run cars).

Problem 2 is a bit more difficult, because of all the 'temporary' bus stops (ie the buses have been dispersed around the city centre road) its causing more traffic and can end up gridlocked because of inconsiderate car/taxi and bus drivers. Because I had left earlier I missed the main problems.

Okay, so I made it to work okay - because of the leaving early plan. This wouldn't work on the way home (I suspect I'd walk the 1 1/2 miles home from the city after taking the bus from work into the city) or if I was leaving later.

Well, I'd be catching the 'campus' bus to the city tonight (not practical this morning) and going to the Christmas meal (but not staying later for clubbing etc - yeah, I know I'm boring). I have my camera with me so I may get some photographs to show blackmail staff.
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