madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

I survived the works meal - I left around 10pm (arrived just before 4pm), with a large blood/alcohol level. Although a few people carried on for quite a while (several people were 'working at home' and a couple who had to come in looked quite 'fragile) it was a fairly good night.

These meals are both good and bad for me. I like to time where we all have a nice time and not 'talk shop'. But the social situation is a tough ask for me - the alcohol helped, but its still tough going. Thats life, I'm part of the department, everyone is great - except as I'm not a psychologist then I have this 'block' which no amount of friendlyness can help. Its the same that I don't have a fellow IT techie to laugh about computer stuff to. I did, however, have a good time explaining to a German colleague person the nuances of English humour. A lot of our humour is playing on words, sarcasm (my specialty) and other various stuff. It was an interesting conversation for me as well as it made me think on how the humour is delivered (mine especially). His problem is that he spends more time translating the conversations he missed the nuance of the humour. He's a great person and really nice, plus he makes me think on translation a lot. Even explaining how my 'comments' on what people say are funny at the time because of the what I do with what lines people say (don't ever say 'would someone give me a hand' when I'm in earshot) was interesting.

Anyway, tonight is my badminton do - not as crazy as last night, but just as stressful. At one point everyone sings carols. Guess who got the job of playing his flute;) One of the group will say that he would love to help, but as I have the only instrument then....... So, to wind him up, I'm packing my spare flute, 2 clarinets and 2 penny-whistles :D I just hope my wrist and fingers hold out - Christmas carols are easy to play, but its the endurance aspect (way too many verses) that makes the difficult.

Tomorrow is the last day of lectures - I have a WHOLE WEEK of few students (and few staff). Maybe I'll finally be able to finish that damn dataset system. I'm on the easy part, but I keep on getting disturbed. I spent most of the afternoon on electrical testing - the technician who is responsible for the lab is not a tester yet (she is due to go on the course). Its good, with her help the job went quickly and its nice to have some helpful company.
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