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Getting there

Okay - I'm FINALLY on the downhill slope of the 2nd dataset system - I have 3 more tests to convert to my new format (2 easy, 1 tough) plus I need to write another one from scratch (shouldn't be a problem). I have to write another dataset system - but I'll be able to swipe everything from this one and just adjust a the data creation scripts (easy).

With those done I should have the time to catch up on other stuff - then again, I'm keeping out for that idiot with a torch.

If I have the energy I want to do a lot of stuff this weekend, but if I do is another matter altogether. Work beaks up until January at the end of next week - although I'll be doing some work at home, I hopefully, will get some rest - or maybe even a walk or two in.

*finds cricket bat to 'welcome' torch bearing idiot if he (or she) should come a-visiting*
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