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I'm glad I joined that Optiplan last time

It was my bi-annually opticians appointment this afternoon - I took the afternoon off and also got my hair cut as well (it seriously needed a chop) and I was correct in my assumption that the wouldn't be busy. Anyway, luckily my eyes have changed very little - but I needed a nother pair of glasses. Two more years of my clumsyness and walking into walls/doors etc and my current pair probably wouldn't last. The optometrist also increased the 'prism' slightly to compensate more for my weaker right eye (sometimes I loose focus as the right eye 'wanders').

Have you ever tried to choose frames when you can't see what they look like on your face? (note I can't see a damn thing without glasses unless my nose is almost touching the mirror. Luckily, the optician who helped me choose (as always) was extremely helpful (especially as I hate choosing frames for myself). We got it down to about 2 pairs and neither of us good really say which was best - so, she called the receptionist across to give her opinion. Luckily between the three of us a decision was made.

Anyway, last time I had lenses which go darker with an increase in light - which immensely helps me as my eyes are sensitive to bright lights, as well as the anti-scratch stuff etc. Plus the frames and eye test it came to a little over £300 - in other words a hell of a hit. Luckily I joined 'Optiplan' last time and each month £10 is put into it automatically, add a bit of interest to boot and just over £250 is already paid (one of the few things which I've done which actually has done some good).

The glasses should be ready either next week or the week after - knowing how good they are it'll probably be next week, but Christmas holidays may push it futher back.

Now, I know that I could probably get my test done cheaper and glasses made cheaper and quicker elsewhere but, the opticians I go to are VERY good. They have always given me sterling service, put up with me and even given a complete fashion idiot good advice and help in choosing frames which suit him. So, I've stayed with them, at a slightly (and I mean slightly) higher cost but for the service I get its well worth it.

Oh, and by the way, they also did the usual 'field of vision' tests. The good news is that I should be able to see whats coming to hit me instead of not seeing it.
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