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I try to be omnipresent - but I haven't done it yet.

Quote from an email to our all staff list

"Unfortunately I have not been able to log into my email account all day
today. I logged in ok this morning but since then it has said page
unavailable (when trying to access it from the web). If you have sent
anything urgent can you re-send it to this hotmail account."

Now, if I had been told about this - my office telephone works (and it has voice mail) as well as the cell I take around site with me. How on earth am I susposed to repair a problem if nobody tells me about that there is a problem. Now, some problems I will see, but as noone had told me external email access is done on one of the servers, how can I sort it? - Especially as I'm working almost full time on another task which is located on a different server.

With a bit of luck it'll be an easy fix, if not they'll have to wait until next year as its the last day tomorrow. I think I'll have to send a sarcastic reply to this person tomorrow. These people are susposed to be academics - most have high level degress and PhD's but basic commonsense is missing.

Um - there's a problem with email, should I tell the technician?????

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