madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Snow Fun

Well, we had some snow today, a couple of inches at most. It at least makes the place look more festive now but show up that there are lots of people who have no idea of how to drive in snow.

For instance, you don't brake sharply or floor the gas pedal in the hope of making progress. I live on a hill, not a steep one but it does need care as it is not one of the roads which gets gritted. So, I've seen several cars (including a cab) try to get up the road using the worst possible ways - quite entertaining for me as my car is off the road (my mom and me pulled down my front hedge and put some paving slabs down so I have somewhere to park my car off road).

Coming back from my sisters (in another sisters car) we passed a couple of accidents - they looked minor but I can practically guarantee that they both tried to use too much speed in the wrong conditions. The lack of common sense scares me at times.

Well, hopefully I'll be seeing the Harry Potter film tomorrow, maybe 3 of us are going, maybe more.
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