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I got to the cinema yesterday to see the Harry Potter movie, mom and 2 sisters made it as well. 1 sister drove, my mom and the other sister came by bus. I was planning to take the bus but I couldn't find out when the particular bus I needed was due (website with the times was down) so I scraped the snow off my car and drove. Dropped mom and sister off after the movie and we all enjoyed it. Because its a Wednesday we can get 2 for 1 tickets thanks to an offer by Orange (cell 'phone company). My cell is not on orange, but mom and one sister is so that covered all 4.

As usual my six foot height made sitting in the place gave me cramp a couple of times but I'm used to that pain so I don't scream (although my face is apparently worth seeing when it happens). Worth the visit though, I liked the movie and thought they did a good job on it. May try to see Narnia at some point, but I'm in two minds if to go.

Anyway, today was a good day. I spent it cleaning and getting some jobs out of the way. The ironing is just about done (apart from a couple of things which were still drying). The front room and my main bedroom are tidy and I hope the kitchen and bathroom will follow suit soon. The main assault on my back bedroom a.k.a 'storage room' ;) is pending as I want to clear it up. I've done some and its getting better but needs a concerted effort on it. I am getting the old couch from my parents as they have another and it'll be great there as it also turns into a bed (I don't remember what the correct name is) so will advance my plan for that room markably.

One final thing - while cleaning up I managed to find the power adaptor for my small fibre optic Christmas tree, it now looks like it should, and not look out of place anymore.
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